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The Healing Foot Wash camp this year has a vital core of folks who love and practice Christian Science, and it welcomes people of any faith who would love joining in this joyous service.  If you’d like to learn more please visit http://healingfootwash.org.

If you’d like info about the ongoing “CS@Burning Man” efforts, please visit their Facebook page.

2014 Burning Man Gratitude & Experiences

2014 Christian Science at Burning Man group
2014 Christian Science at Burning Man group

Here are some of the experiences, stories and gratitude shared about our 2014 Burning Man experiences:

Due to the rain, all traffic into BM had to stop for a day.  Our lecturer, his wife, and another camp member had been slated to arrive by Burner bus on Monday, and were not able to enter.  On Tuesday morning, we had no idea when they would arrive, but had scouts checking the bus arrival point to meet them.  When the last bus had come in for the day, and we had not seen them, we hoped they were on the Playa, but did not know where.
An important note: on the Playa, there is no cell phone service, no email option, no texting, none of the usual means of connecting these days.  Our arriving camp members had our approximate address, but the bus stop was a distance from our camp, and they were on foot in a strange place.  We all prayed not only for these three, but for all that had been stranded and were now trying to find their camps.

At a point in the afternoon, Nancy and I both felt strongly that it was time to go walking to meet these members.  We started down our road and at the first cross street stopped to write a message on a cardboard sign, should they come that way.  Then we decided to close our eyes and just listen expectantly for which of the four possible directions to go from there.  We did, and after about thirty seconds, I asked which direction came to her.  She pointed.  I said, that came to me, too.  We began walking down that road, and within less than one minute, John, Michelle, and Patricia all came walking down that road, straight for us.  It was such a joy!  All were in very good spirits.  Though they had not known each other before arriving at Burning Man, Love had brought them together not long before.  Such a joyous meeting, led by active listening prayer was a wonderful promise of God/Love’s tangible presence in our midst.  That presence never left.

— Anna Lisa Kronman, CS

1. Protection from lightening
I arrived at camp early Monday morning (about 4 AM or so) and went to sleep in the communal tent. In the morning around 8 AM or so, I got up. It was raining, so after visiting the loo, assisted other camp members in setting up for breakfast.   I was asked to assist others in setting up two small shelter structures in the cooking area so the group could cook and eat breakfast in the rain. There was lightening in the area and the structure poles were metallic . At one point I heard a lightening crack a few feet away and heard the thunder very loud and right away (no delay). I also smelled very strong ozone smell from the lightening.  I believe the lightening struck only a few feet away from me and I thank God for the protection of those setting up the structures, including myself.

2.  Two lost cameras were found (recovered) one belonging to me (left in main tent where I napped during the day) (in the evenings I slept in my own tent).  My metaphysical work was there was no original sin (i.e. no fallen or lost anything). The other camera belonged to another camp member and was needed to “film” (record) the lecturer’s lecture that same day.

3. On Wednesday evening, I was returning to camp from a staff party and art car tour via bicycle. On the way, my costume (dress) was caught up in the bicycle chain and I came to a sudden halt. I fell but was not hurt in any way (I saw generic man as unfallen) and folks from a nearby camp at the place my bike fell came to my rescue with a utility knife to cut away the costume and helped unravel the cloth out of the chain mechanism. It was getting late in the day due to the delay of the “emergency” bike repair but I got to the camp before the gratitude meeting was over and shouted out my testimony over the rejoicing sounds of a nearby sound camp at the meeting.

4. Another bike crash occurred one morning at about 7:15 AM when I was returning from Center Camp to our camp. I was on the Esplanade (main inner ring road) and another bike was approaching. We each tried to maneuver to avoid each other, but instead of maneuvering out of each other’s way we crashed into one another. Again, I fell (the other driver did not). The other driver asked me if I was OK. I was. I got up and again was not hurt. Both of us drivers apologized to each other, hugged each other and were on our respective ways.

5. On the return to Berkeley from Reno on September 1, in the Previa, probably near Vacaville, an accident was avoided, which I attribute to divine protection.  It was night time, probably near 10 PM. The Previa was in the right hand lane. A truck (18 wheeler semi) was parked on the right shoulder but was trying to re-enter the stream of very busy but fast moving holiday evening traffic.  The truck was maneuvering to get into the road just as the Previa was going by. The driver of our Previa (Mark) tried to go into the lane next left but other cars refused to let him in.   So we went straight ahead and missed the semi (the semi turned away at the last second). I attribute this to our angels being with us.

— Loren M.

Burning Man luggage delivery

John, Michele and Patricia were scheduled to come in on two different buses on Monday. Because of the rain, all Monday transportation was cancelled. So we expected them Tuesday…sometime.Twice a couple people made the trek over to the bus station to look for them. Mike and I were there when the last bus arrived and they were not there.

So we went back to camp hoping they were there but they weren’t and we could only hope they were on the playa somewhere and would find their way to us. Remember, we had essentially no internet service and no cell reception. The approximate address we’d been given, which everyone knew, was I and 9:15. To further complicate things, we’d ended up getting placed much closer to 9 than to 9:15. We figured there was about a 1/2 mile range of possibilities for them to explore on foot after they’d made it to the general area. This didn’t seem like an acceptable way to welcome them and many of us were praying about the situation.

At a certain point in the afternoon, Anna Lisa and I both felt strongly that it was time to go walking to meet them.  We went to the end of our road to I and 9:15 and wrote a message on a cardboard sign, in case they came by. Along the way we talked about how they could not be MOOP – a Burning Man acronym for matter out of place or trash. I decided they were actually SIPP which seemed an appropriate acronym given the importance and scarcity of water at Burning Man – SIPP – spiritual ideas perfectly placed.

Then Anna Lisa suggested we close our eyes and just pray silently about which of the four possible directions we should go.  After about thirty seconds, Anna Lisa asked me which direction came me.  I pointed.  She said, that came to me, too.  We began walking down that road, and within no more than a minute, John, Michelle, and Patricia came walking toward us, as happy as could be.

Their luggage would be ready to pick up later. Which meant they hadn’t had to drag it across the playa but we also didn’t know when it would be ready. Mike asked John several times throughout the afternoon – “ready to go pick up the luggage?” And each time John would say, “Not yet.”

Finally John came to Mike and said, “It’s time.” They rode their bikes over with Mike’s side car to see the first piece of luggage being unloaded off the truck! (see photo) Later, Mike kept asking me, “How did he know?!”

Listening to God equals perfect placement and perfect timing every time!

— Nancy Earl Harrison, CS

This is such an inspiring story told from all angles!

My experience of that day and the previous day was being so open to and grateful for each moment as it unfolded. When the girl next to me on the plane who was also headed to BM got the text after we’d landed that the gates were closed, I instantly felt like this was the beginning of it being an adventure! The two of us decided to get a hotel room together, and had a great time getting to know each other, repacking, Ziplocing our stuff, shopping for a few last minute shiny things and whatnot, eating some delicious pizza, hanging out with the other burners to be, and having a full night’s rest before heading onto the playa.

We had a great ride on the bus with everyone, and everything went smoothly all the way. When we got off the bus I stayed with the others for awhile who were waiting for their luggage, but I’d thrown mine into the luggage space under the bus a the last moment before we took off, so I was ready to go, and reluctantly left my new friends with hugs and happy burning man wishes..

I headed towards a bus that looked as if it might be prepared to head out, and as I started to ascend the stairs, I tapped the man in front of me and asked him of he knew if this was the bus that was about to head out.. When he turned to answer my question, I recognized his face from the Daily Lift 🙂 We instantly gave each other a big hug, and then up walked Michele and we hugged each other, smiling from ear to ear. As we drove we shared our adventures in getting there, and watched as we rolled through the neighborhoods. We were quickly at our stop, and all jumped out together. We walked down I, and overshot 9:15 by half a block, backtracked, and walked a minute or so when we saw Anna Lisa and Nancy coming gleefully towards us! 😀 We all hugged and screamed happily in each other’s ears (or most of us :D) and headed towards the camp together! What a warm homecoming to camp that was!!!

Thank you everyone for your prayers for perfect placement and guidance of all.. That was exactly what happened!!

I’ll share a few other special experiences.

  • after the first of John’s lectures I got to talking to a man who told me he is a physician and that he always prays with his patients, and encourages them to use other methods before pursing western medicine, and then said: I just didn’t know there was a guidebook for that 😀  I shared with him MBE search and discovery process and how one thing led to another.. He got it all the way, truly a kindred spirit!! I know that book is gold in his hands and will be a blessing to his whole practice!
  • as I was washing a woman’s feet, the first day I was there, (it may have been the first pair of feet I washed..) she looked so moved, and we got to talking and I could tell she just felt so loved.. I don’t remember the specifics of what we talked about, but at one point she thanked me and said, this means so much to me.. Both my boyfriend and I had our dads pass on recently, and this means  a lot. She clearly felt the love flowing!!
  • as I was washing a woman’s feet she made a remark about how there were so many methods of healing at Burning Man and how it was all really the same thing. I shared with her about MBE’s search and how she explored from homeopathy to mind-cure and found the dead-level of each method as she was being prepared for the discovery of the fact that there is no medium for Mind.
    When I said that, she started crying and said, yes! That’s it! (We would’ve hugged (again) if I weren’t up to my elbows) and when we were done I took them over to the reading room to choose their favorite Science and Health, and they did (she was with her husband or boyfriend) he asked me to write something to them in it, and we all hugged our goodbyes.
  • a girl came in, pretty drunk, and was saying that she was going to wash her friend’s feet. Gabriel explained to her that there was one rule, that you had to have your feet washed before you could wash anyone else’s and once you did, you could wash as many feet as your heart desired. She insisted that she didn’t need to have her feet washed, that she already knew how,  and that she was going to wash her friend’s feet. I felt moved to say something to her. I looked her in the eye and said something along the lines of: often the people who are saying they don’t need anything and are trying to do everything for everyone else, really actually need it the most. She sat back in her chair hard and said, wow, I’m going to take that with me. She then immediately took off her shoes and socks and let me wash her feet and asked lots of questions.. it was a great conversation. She was eager to grab a S&H to take with her too, and you could see how moved she was by being seen straight through to the heart and met there with truth and love! Good times :))
  • And then there was a really moving experience that I had in center camp, right before the lecture. Genevieve and I went over to a table that had a bunch of notebooks on it because I wanted to add a thought contribution to one of the pages. This was the CS quote that stayed with me the whole time:

“Not by the hearing of the ear are spiritual truths learned and loved, but we glean spiritual harvests from our own material loses. In this fervent heat false images are effaced and the material pigment beneath them fades into invisibility.” ~ Mary Baker Eddy

So perfect for the spirit of Burning Man!!

So I opened the journal right to a pages that had an entry on it from a woman who said that a year prior, her sister and mom had committed suicide, and that the time being at burning man was so healing… Tears started rolling down my face as I read, they probably would’ve anyway, but more so because just a few months before, my sister and mom had attempted suicide, but didn’t commit it. (Much progress and healing have emerged since)  I felt in that moment such an embrace of love wrapping up this woman and her family in healing and my own, and as Genevieve and I shared, I felt all of us encompassed in this uplifting embrace of true love and the Life that can never die… It was so wonderful the timing, because the “Embrace” had just been burned that morning, and here we were, burning in that fervent heat which removes the false sense and reveals the true substance and relationship of all! I will never forget that true embrace of Love that enveloped us, and then we went to the lecture, and the adventure continued into a dust storm filled with spiritual lessons and giggly playtime! 😀

There were so many other precious moments, but those are a few for now!

Much love to everyone!
Patricia Brugioni

So much good happened for me at this year’s Burning Man. The best of it, though, had to do with learning about true marriage and relationship.

Ansley and I had wanted to do a little music while at Burning Man and so Loren had recommended we might want to check out the center camp open-mic. One morning we got up super early and decided we would try to get there at 6:15 AM to do some music. We grabbed Jamieson’s guitar, the books, a hymnal supplement, and threw it in my car.

As we were driving, very slowly, down 9:30, I just felt so grateful for all that I was seeing. I also felt really healed to be driving Ansley around. There was a lot of fear about coming to Burning Man pregnant, having to walk a lot, ride bikes, etc. etc., but here I was able to still drive her where we needed to go!

When we arrived there, we found a small area where there were many other cars parked near Center Camp. We parked, but as we got out, two rangers stopped us. They asked who we were and what we were doing and then told us that this was for Burning Man founders and main organizers only. They also asked if my car was an art car or not.

I explained to them that my wife was pregnant and we just were going to do some music at center camp. I had two boards on top of my car that were given to me by Nate Frederick and Laurie Burgdorff from Boston that were beautiful pieces of art as wedding presents.

The ranger asked about them and I told them what they are. They have quotes from the Bible on one and Science and Health on the other. This is what they say,

“Yes, Master. You know I love you. Jesus said, ‘Feed my sheep.'” (John 21:17)

“Love inspires, illumines, designates, and leads the way” – (454: 18-19)

They were moved by the ideas and said, “Well, it’s not much. But I think your car IS an art car. You can park here.”

So, we walked a few minutes to Center Camp and got there just in time to find out that one slot had just opened up for performing. Ansley and I went on stage with our books, the guitar, and had two mics set up. We sang an original song I wrote called “It’s About Good” that was produced by The Mother Church a few years ago. Here’s a link to it:


Then I heard this really beautiful song in the background called “First Love” that is this awesome Christian rap/techno song. I have no idea where it came from, but suddenly it was there in the atmosphere, playing in another part of Center Camp! So I started freestyle rapping to that beat and it was really, really awesome.

Then we sang together the Golden Text and Responsive Reading of that week’s lesson and closed with a musical prayer for all people. It was really beautiful.

But what was even better was the artist that came next! She was a great female vocal artist and singer/songwriter. She presented her songs so beautiful and mentioned that the real inspiration she wanted to share was what it meant to know God as a Mother as well as for women all over the world to feel safe with who they are and where they are.

Her songs were SO beautiful! Ansley and I got to sit together and enjoy her performance and silently thank God for this beautiful expression of Mother Love. It also made me think of the invisible rivers of water flowing through, gushing through, Burning Man that I became aware of through prayer and the use of spiritual sense. I just sensed rivers of water everywhere during her performance and they came from Gihon which is defined in Science and Health as, “The rights of woman acknowledged morally, civilly, and socially” (587: 3-4).

What a blessing to have this thread to share our good memories and experiences.

— Michael Morgan

Matthew Code – A useful guide for addressing conflicts in our camp

Everyone putting their feet in

Many Christian Science schools and colleges, branch churches, societies, organizations, prison ministries and informal groups have adopted the “Matthew Code” as a way to resolve misunderstandings and disputes.  I propose Christian Science at Burning Man adopt the Matthew Code as well as a formal policy of our group.

— Loren M

The Matthew Code is based on words in the Bible by Christ Jesus:

Matthew 18: 15-17 (KJV)   : (“The Matthew Code”)

“if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother.
But if he will not hear thee, then take with thee one or two more, that in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.
And if he shall neglect to hear them, tell it unto the church: but if he neglect to hear the church, let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican”

The process is in four steps:

First, go to the person involved alone, not tell it to others. Try to work it out.

Second, If it cannot be worked out, bring another one or two others to talk to the person to try to work it out, still in private except for the people concerned. That is to show the person that the issue is larger than one person’s grievance, that it has agreement from others.

Third, If the issue still cannot be resolved, tell it to the group and try to work it out in the group.

Fourth, if the issue still cannot be resolved and the party or parties cannot “hear” the grievance/issue/problem/communication that party or parties is given a time out from participation in the group.

Metaphysical Call Debrief #1 POSTPONED


UPDATE: This call has been POSTPONED to a later date to be announced. Thank you!

An initial debriefing call is scheduled for Saturday, September 6 at 7pm PST to share inspiration, prayers and challenges that came up throughout the Healing Foot Wash Camp’s recent journey to Burning Man.

We will be having another call again in the near future; this short notice call is to share some initial thoughts and gratitude while there is still so much momentum around the event.

Call in: 619-326-2772
Code: 1246521

The on-playa team cannot begin to say how much all of the prayers of the prayer-watch team sustained us throughout our time at Burning Man and how incredibly grateful we are for this support.

We are all Prophets – by Michael Morgan

Washing feet at Burning Man 2013To me, Burning Man is primarily a prophetic experience – the entire experience out on the playa is an opportunity to exercise your power as a prophet. And what exactly does that mean? The Bible is full of prophets. Every author of every book of Scripture expresses spiritual insight through their writing that is still remarkably poignant millennia later.

In preparing for this year’s Burning Man, I have come up with a list of Biblical prayers to focus on each day on the playa. If you’d like, you are more than welcome to join in! Your prayers, your willingness, your active support will affirm this golden truth: We are all Prophets.

Day 1: “You know how to interpret the appearance of the sky, yet you can’t interpret the signs of the times?” — Matthew 16:3

Dear God, help me focus my thought on hearing God speak to me through every situation and circumstance. Help me set aside preconceived notions about what is right and wrong, good or bad, and be willing to really read the signs of the times in everyone I meet – no matter what they look like or how they act. I want to see your beautiful, majestic work of creation in everyone I meet.

Day 2: “Then I saw ‘a new heaven and a new earth,’ for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away” — Revelation 21:1

Dear God, I want to experience heaven wherever I am. I want to feel the presence of your angels, the glory of your goodness, and shout hallelujah that the old has passed away and the fresh, vibrant, holy and new has been revealed.

Day 3: “Everyone will live in peace and prosperity, enjoying their own grapevines and fig trees, for there will be nothing to fear. The LORD of Heaven’s Armies has made this promise!” — Micah 4:4

Dear God, help me dwell in peace and security alongside others. I want to be at peace to be me even when I’m around people who seem so different! Help me be attentive to the needs of others and not to forget that my shade could be shade for another – and that the seed of potential for the awakening of the Holy Spirit lives in every one of God’s children.

Day 4: “And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions” — Joel 2:28

Dear God, I want to receive your prophetic anointing in order to share your glory with the world. I want to see signs and wonders, not for my own amusement, but in order to open the eyes of others to your awesome love. I want the love of your Son Jesus to be so attractive, so unique, and so irresistible that we forget about religious belief and unite in spiritual affection.

Day 5: “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.” — Romans 12:2

Dear God, let my activity and interaction with others reflect your model for covenant relationship. Let my conversation, my thoughts, and my actions be acceptable according to heaven’s standard. May I see every man as a brother made in God’s image and likeness, and every woman as a sister in Christ. Let there be no separation between me and them, but let us all represent an individual piece of a most exquisite whole.

Day 6: “‘I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism'” — Acts 10:34

Dear God, may I set aside prejudices and old concepts today. May I examine myself and discover what might be keeping me at a distant from others or thinking pridefully. Give me your eyes to see your children the same way you see them. Give me your voice to speak with joy and gratitude. May I be blind to hate and receptive to the many gifts waiting for me today.

Day 7: “So if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift” — Matthew 5:23-34

Dear God, let me leave behind any and all resentment, bitterness, or envy directed towards my self or my fellow man. Let me be bathed in forgiveness on this day. Let me rejoice that I am made new, that the old man is burned away and the new man is established. Let all that is useless to my spiritual mission burn away, and may new strength and revelation follow me all of the days of my life. Amen.

Mary Baker Eddy, the female prophet and apostle of the 19th and 20th centuries, defines the word prophet in her book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures as “a spiritual seer; disappearance of material sense before the conscious facts of spiritual Truth” (pg. 593: 4-5).

Isn’t this what unites all of us at Burning Man? No matter our background, we all see and experience spiritual reality unlike anywhere else on the globe. We awaken to the nothingness of limitation, fear, and conflict and subsume those false cognitions with love, clarity, and infinite possibility. We are all prophets. Prophets of individual tribes, completely unique and different in how we prophesy, the languages we speak, our beliefs, our worship, our expression of the one Truth we all seek.

At this year’s Burning Man, I look forward to putting these prayers into practice by actively seeing every single person around me as a prophet sent by the supreme and glorious Father of all.

Stop by our camp (Isfahan & 9:15) if you can and receive support for your prophetic gifting. If you’re not actually at Burning Man, stop by mentally and take some time to pray for us each day! Spread it around wherever you are and take it with you to your next destination – awaken those around you by reminding them with your love that, in-deed, We are all Prophets.

Final preparations for our trip [Photos] – Leaving this Friday / Saturday for Burning Man 2014!

We had a great work party last weekend with participants coming by the Berkeley CSO on both Saturday and Sunday. Our packing and organization is much better this year. A big THANK YOU of gratitude to all who have helped us get to Burning Man this year.

Here are some pictures of our recent preparations as we get ready to leave:

Photos by Gabriel and Mist-er.

Washing Feet at Burning Man

This is a video at Burning Man in 2013, showing the simple method we used to wash over 200 people’s feet at our Christian Science camp.

This year we’re planning on washing over 1,000 people’s feet. We’ll also be offering Christian Science prayer / treatment for anyone who requests it at our camp, along with three metaphysical talks by John Tyler, CSB, hosted at Sacred Spaces (4&Gold) and Center Camp. If you’re going to Burning Man this year, look for us in the Isfahan and 9:15 neighborhood. We’re looking forward to washing your dusty feet!

A warm thank you again to everyone who has helped us in any way this year. Our hearts are filled to the brim with gratitude.

Radical Self-expression and the 5th Commandment

Photo credit: http://planetbibi.com/outfit-creativity-burning-man/bibi

As Burning Man approaches I’ve been fielding questions perhaps not unlike those you’ve been asked – or are asking.

“Why would you want to hang out with a bunch of naked hippies?” (If you saw my flower-power RV you might believe I’m halfway to being a naked hippie myself.)

And, “You can tell me…it’s your husband who’s more interested in Burning Man, isn’t it?” as the questioner attempts to reconcile what they know of me with what they’ve heard of Burning Man. The nudity! The promiscuity! The drug use!

As Christian Scientists, we understand that regardless of where we are – at the grocery store, our favorite lunch spot, a nightclub, church or an art festival in the middle of nowhere – our environment is as pure – or as impure – as our consciousness.

Burning Man is many things to many people. From my experience it is a very holy environment, one in which the surface judgments of society are abandoned and people feel free to be their most true self. Is it any wonder that this often finds expression in a literal shedding of that which defines our socioeconomic and professional status? I remember a couple days into my first experience at Burning Man, or “on the playa,” when I saw a man whom I immediately recognized as not fitting in somehow. It took me a few moments to realize what was different about him – it wasn’t that he was dressed, it was that he was wearing khakis and a polo shirt! This contrasted starkly with the flamboyantly costumed people surrounding both of us (and yes, some nudity). Based on my conversations, the motive of the folks who choose to be nude or partially clothed stems not from any type of sensuous thinking or blatant sexuality but is an expression of personal freedom.

We participants of the Christian Science Camp are making a conscious choice to be clothed, not only in our right minds, but in modest clothing or costumes, although there will surely be concessions to the weather that may perhaps flaunt societal norms; some men enjoy the comfort of a sarong or kilt, for example.

The metaphysical committee has been at work spiritualizing its understanding of the Burning Man Principle of Radical Self-expression and the Commandment to Honour thy father and thy mother. While nakedness, with its focus on the material body, qualifies as a lower form of self-expression, does it not point to a precious yearning for freedom from matter? True freedom and the most radical of all “self-expression” is found in honoring our Father-Mother God as our Creator and our alone Life, the very Source of our pure expression of Love. With the consciousness of Christ, the purity of our environment is constant, assured and unassailable.

Please join us in spiritualizing the Commandment “Thou shalt not kill,” and the Burning Man Principle of Communal Effort, defined as follows: “Our community values creative cooperation and collaboration. We strive to produce, promote and protect social networks, public spaces, works of art, and methods of communication that support such interaction.”

3 weeks until Burning Man! Notes from tonight’s call (* including TO-DO items for you)

You bring love from my feet to my heart -- Alana
You bring love from my feet to my heart — Alana

Thanks everyone for being part of the call tonight. For those who were not able to join, here are notes from the call:

Books donated (estimated totals, we know there are more in Reno waiting for us and in transit):
Bibles: 50+
S&H: 90+

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has helped raise awareness of our mission and helped with fundraising. This year we’re hoping to wash 1,000 people’s feet, and still have some additional expenses we would like to cover. The supply truly is there, and thank you to everyone who has been supporting this project metaphysically.

5 people have volunteered to participate in helping the group acquire 1 additional ticket in the upcoming OMG sale. Please make sure you have registered for it by tomorrow at 12pm (when OMG sale registration closes). Patricia will email if we need to change the plan of having everyone who can try for 1 ticket each. http://profiles.burningman.com

All local Bay Area participants (and friends) who do not have previous hard commitments will gather at the Berkeley CSO (2601 Durant Avenue, Berkeley CA 94704) on Sunday 8/10 (1 week from today) starting at 12pm to do the initial shake-out of our major camp pieces (tent, shade structure) and to also take inventory and begin organizing. Food will be provided. Please feel free to invite any friends who might be interested in helping us out.

Everyone else is encouraged to be part of the regular 5pm PST group call, which will be focused on metaphysical preparation, inspiration and sharing.

Please take care of your personal packing needs soon — Burning Man will be upon us sooner than you think! Start taking personal inventory of what you have and what you still need to get. Particularly if you are in the Bay Area, local stores will start selling out of Burning Man related gear soon, so get what you need now!

Read the official Burning Man Survival Guide yet? http://survival.burningman.com

Transportation assignments:

Berkeley Rental Truck
Gabriel (driver)

Berkeley Car #1
Cristi (driver)

Berkeley Car #2
Anna Lisa (driver)
Patricia (return from Burning Man)

Tennessee RV


Reno Burner Bus
John Tyler (round-trip)
Michelle (round-trip)
Patricia (one-way in)

Number for next week’s metaphysical call:

(619) 326-2772
Access code: 1246521

Agenda: Metaphysical preparation

THANKS EVERYBODY, and see you all in 3 weeks on the playa!!!



P.S. Please ask anyone you can think of to sign up for our Prayer Watch team: http://doodle.com/hpecc4kux5qf9tb2