2014 Burning Man project participants


AJ lives in Boston, MA, where he maintains a Christian Science healing practice and works in the administrative offices of The First Church of Christ, Scientist. When he first heard of Burning Man as a teenager, it sounded like the ultimate party, but since studying Christian Science he sees more spiritual depth to the world around him and expects to see that embodied in this event. Now his intentions for going are centered around helpfulness, thoughtfulness, alertness, and learning a ton about life and divine Love. His wife Amanda is happy he is going and is his biggest encourager to get out there and live like a healer. Website:


Alexis is loving life, working to share the gospel in the Dallas Ft Worth area. She is active as a scenic painter, church member and professional appreciator of unplanned opportunities and friends.

Amanda loves creating things, chocolate and helping solve problems. She contributes a keenly analytical mind and thoughtful observations to the effort. She knits, folds origami and sails when time permits and superhero duties allow.

Andreea works as a strategy analyst for Chevron Energy Solutions and she is excited about exploring, innovating and finding meaningful ways to develop and share new ideas in both her work and Christian Science practice. This is her second time venturing out to burning man, and she is eager to share the spiritual ideas of Life, Truth, and Love that she has found so helpful throughout her journey to all spiritual seekers of Truth. She is looking forward to taking the new ideas that have flourished at BM and adopting them in her own CS practice.

Anna Lisa Kronman, CS
Anna Lisa Kronman
Anna Lisa delights in good wherever it appears, in art, the universe, and man, and loves tracing it to its divine, infinitely good source. She knows how to wash dishes, feet, and thinking, having been a mom, Christian Science nurse, and now a Christian healer, as a practitioner of Christian Science. She is delighted to be joining in this team’s purpose to “behold the perfect man”, practice grace, and live the Golden Rule (her take on the 10 Burning Man Principles, and daily life).

Ansley Morgan
Ansley Morgan
Ansley currently resides in Los Angeles and is thrilled to attend Burning Man with this group. Her primary cause is to help and empower her fellow man to find God now using practical daily metaphysics. Ansley is also a filmmaker and actor. She is currently in two plays at the Tre Stage and Next Stage theaters. She has also been working for a blockbuster action movie director on Ninja Turtles and Wrath of the Titans. She is a UC Berkeley graduate.


Cristi lives in the Bay Area and just started a career in software engineering. When not working, she enjoys spending quality time with friends/family and exploring new places/activities. She’s excited to be part of this CS camp for her first year at Burning Man and is looking forward to many new experiences!

Gabriel Serafini
Gabriel Serafini @gserafini
Gabriel is a web designer, artist and visionary.  He helps Christian Science churches get websites up and running, and tries to make sure that each site is self-sustaining and maintainable.  Gabriel is excited to experience Burning Man for the second time in 2014.


Genevieve is excited for her first time at Burning Man because she wants to learn how to love better – universally and unconditionally. She is looking forward to sharing the wonderful truth of Christian Science, which has proven effective in her life. She is hoping to bring what she learns back with her to continue to share Christian Science with the world.

Genevieve is a strategy and communications consultant for foundations, focusing on policy issues. She loves dogs, the Dodgers, the outdoors, and reading.

John Tyler, CSBJohn Tyler, CSB

When John Tyler discovered Christian Science as a teenager, he wanted to shout the good news from the rooftops. He soon realized, however, it’s not words so much as selfless loving and healing which attract people to this truth. In his full-time healing practice of over 30 years, he has seen God heal many supposedly incurable cases. He loves sharing his understanding of the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s works on Christian Science.  More about John here.

Julian just happened to be around when someone was needed to organize a lecture at Burning Man. Having sent books to the CS Reading Room at Black Rock City in the first year he witnessed the unfoldment of 2 hosted lectures at Red Lightning Camp in the second year and now a full theme camp in the third. He loves Science and would like to launch a CS Incubator to foster innovation and explore new ideas that when proven useful can be offered for adoption by everyone.

Loren (Mist-er)Loren
Loren (Playa name Mist-er) has been attending Burning Man since 2012. He lives near San Francisco and is a recent graduate of San Francisco State University. At Burning Man, he volunteers at the Center Camp Coffee Shop. This year, 2014, will be his first year at Healing Foot Wash Life Truth Love Camp.

Mark A. McClintickmark
Aloha everyone!  My burner name is my self composed Hawaiian name…MAMONALU!
The first three letters are my initials, the O is supposed to have a peace sign in it with the Earth behind it …Hawaii just to the left of the center line of the peace sign and the Americas on the Eastern horizon symbolizing world peace from a Hawaiian perspective, and the Nalu is the Hawaiian word for wave…thus my Hawaiian Burner name MAMONALU stands for the Mark Andrew McClintick World Peace Wave!  I am married to my Beloved Rachel Anna McClintick for four years now!  We are planting our Aloha Garden Of Peace on the Big Island of Hawaii!!

Michael Morgan
Michael Morgan @itsaboutgood
Michael follows The Way of Jesus and P.L.U.R. He supports Love vibes, and sweet healing for the world. He witnesses the Holy Spirit in constant action as a Christian Science practitioner and Christian musician.
Websites: and

Michele Tyler
Michele came to Christian Science from the medical profession. Having explored many other faith traditions, she was given a copy of Science and Health. She read it through, and even before ever attending a church she started putting it into practice, healing members of her family.

She is now a full time Christian Science practitioner. She also has an avocational interest in water color painting and Chinese calligraphy. Having grown up in France, she has an intuitive ability to produce a fabulous cuisine.

Mike Harrison aka 'Meuon'
Mike Harrison aka “Mueon”
1st Burn 2002. Married to Nancy. In the default world or on the playa, Meuon makes things happen in the physical and cyberspace worlds. Meuon might also surprise you metaphysically. In the default world, he writes software and builds systems for utility companies around the world but finds himself applying the lessons learned in Black Rock City everywhere.
Website: GeekLabs

Nancy Earl Harrison, CS
Nancy Earl Harrison
Currently serving as First Reader for First Church of Christ, Scientist in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Nancy bases her full-time healing practice out of her home on Signal Mountain. Inveterate explorers, she and her husband Mike enjoy traveling in their small RV with their cat Pandemonium Tribble. Nancy is excited to be returning to Black Rock City for the third time and also to share the experience with the Spiritual Playa group.


Patricia loves Christian Science and sharing inspirations with fellow-travelers worldwide, whether in person or via online communities, and loves seeing how ideas unfold with all. She loves to write, read, take photos, sing, cook, travel, and she and her husband love anything outdoors, especially backpacking! She serves as assistant Committee on Publication, and has served as Second Reader for her Society. She is always open to any opportunity for spiritual growth!

Rachel is a Christian Science Nurse and loves to be helpful in whatever way she can.  loves being with people and helping them to feel loved.  This summer, she worked and played with children of staff members in a summer program at a Christian Science nursing facility in CA.  She also loves to contra dance, hike, and bike.  She and her husband, Mark, moved to their property in Hawaii last summer.   They are in the process of designing their home and gardens, so life in Hawaii is like camping year round! Rachel is looking forward to her first time at Burning Man.