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2015 Burning Man Individual Sale ticket registration is now open

2013 Burning Man ticket

Thinking about going to Burning Man this year?  If so, NOW is the time to register for a free Burner Profile ( in order to participate in the Individual ticket sale.  Having a Profile setup isn’t a guarantee you’ll get a ticket, but it is a pre-requirement.  If you’re thinking of buying a ticket, you’ll want to head straight over to the Burning Man Ticketing page now: and read carefully the details, rules and deadlines.

The Healing Foot Wash camp this year has a vital core of folks who love and practice Christian Science, and it welcomes people of any faith who would love joining in this joyous service.  If you’d like to learn more please visit

If you’d like info about the ongoing “CS@Burning Man” efforts, please visit their Facebook page.

Agenda for Sunday 7/27/14 – 5pm CS@Burning Man Conference Call

Healing Foot Wash banner

I know it must feel like it was just yesterday that we had our last conference call, and we have another important one coming up on Sunday. If you’ve been missing these and can be on the next few calls that would be great… it really helps the team feel cohesive when we’re all participating!

(619) 326-2772
Access code: 1246521

** Agenda for 7/27/14 **

** Metaphysical inspiration **

** Fundraising update **
– Funds received to date
– Reimbursement request process & expectations (Name, Description, Amount, receipt)

** Tickets update **
– Has anyone not received their tickets yet (that aren’t at Will Call)?
– Who is still looking for tickets / steps we can take as a group to support

** Communications update **
– Everyone please submit recent picture + short bio for Participants page on site
– Banner artwork for camp entrance
– Playa cards artwork for handing out

** Foot washing **
– Be prepared to wash 1,000 people’s feet this year (~5x last year)
– More stations, be thinking through sustainable process, how we encourage visitors to participate as washers and in our camp. We may be playing much more of a “host” role this year, encouraging volunteers to stick around
– At ~1/2 cup per person, 1000 = 500 cups = ~32 gallons total of water for foot washing

** Official Burning Man Survival Guide **
– How many people have read this year’s version completely?
– This is REQUIRED READING for ALL camp participants. Please do this sooner rather than later. Online version:, you should have also gotten a copy with your tickets if they’re delivered.

** Metaphysical Support **
– Everyone please spend some time metaphysically supporting this camp, and each of our individual participants
– Some are still looking for tickets, some are financially tight, let’s focus on knowing our true and full supply
– Final camp arrangements are still happening, we have an assigned general location, let’s also pray to know that our specific location and neighbors will be harmonious, beneficial

** Next Meeting Reminder **
– Sunday 8/3/14, 5pm, normal conference call number
– Next two weekends after that will be work at the CSO weekends, PLEASE put this on your calendars

STEP program for Burning Man tickets now open… also progress on our Placement application!

Revised 2014 Christian Science at Burning Man camp placement layout
Revised 2014 Christian Science at Burning Man camp placement layout

First of all, if you’re thinking of joining us at Burning Man this year, you’ll need a ticket. To get this ticket (if you don’t already have one) you’ll need to register for a Burning Man profile and then click the button that says sign up for the STEP program. This will put you in a queue to purchase tickets when other people put them up for sale. That’s it for now! We’re still looking for a few more tickets for our core team so if you happen to have an extra or two, please let us know.

In other news, we’ve made some good progress on our application for Placement (i.e. a reserved space) for our camp at Burning Man. Specifically, we’ve completed the first draft of our camp layout diagram (a required part of the submission.) What do you think?

Burning Man Low Income Ticket Program Opens Today!

2013 Burning Man ticket

If you would like to come and camp with us and might qualify for a Low Income ticket (you need to be able to demonstrate your financial need) the cost is $190 (1/2 price!), and TODAY is the day to apply.  Last year one of our participants got one, so it’s definitely possible.  Check it out here:

Below is from The Jackrabbit Speaks Newsletter:

Low Income Ticket Program Opens March 4

The Low Income Ticket Program application will open on Tuesday, March 4 – that’stomorrow! Here are the details:

  • 4,000 Low Income Tickets are available at $190 each.
  • Low Income Tickets are one per person and are awarded through an application process.
  • These tickets are not transferrable and are held for Will Call pickup at the Box Office of the event.
  • You must be able to demonstrate your financial need to qualify.
  • Applications are reviewed in the order they are received, so don’t delay if you are planning on applying.

Full information on the Low Income Ticket Program can be found on the tickets page.

Pre-Registration for 2014 Burning Man Individual Tickets is now OPEN!

2014 Burning Man Tickets Pre-Registration Now Open!


If you haven’t done so already, please visit between NOW and Sunday, February 23, 2014, which is when Pre-Registration CLOSES, and click the “PRE-REGISTER FOR TICKET SALE” button.   This is CRITICAL for being able to purchase one (or preferably 2) ticket(s) when they officially go on sale on Wednesday, February 26, 2014.

This applies to everyone who would like to camp with us this year!



Hi all,

We had a productive conversation last night.  As a group, we discussed what our mission statement for 2014 should be and agreed on a slightly edited version of what Anna Lisa had sent in.  Here is what we agreed on, based on feedback from everyone on the call.

2014 Mission Statement:
Our mission is to actively share God’s love for man in Black Rock City.

2014 Camp Name:
Life, Truth, Love: The Christian Science Experience (the same as last year)

We can further tweak / modify these if there is a good reason to do so, but otherwise this is what we’re going with.


If you want to come camp with us at Burning Man this year, or are on the fence and thinking about it, or want to support the group by helping buy tickets, NOW IS THE TIME to pre-register for a Burning Man Profile account if you do not already have one.  Please please do so here right now, it will take you less than 2 minutes:

This is a NECESSARY step in order to PURCHASE a ticket to Burning Man.

This is in preparation for the next IMPORTANT DATES:

Thursday, February 20, 2014 12pm (noon) PST: Individual Sale ($380) registration begins
Sunday, February 23, 2014 12pm (noon) PST: Individual Sale ($380) registration ends
Wednesday, February 26, 2014 12pm (noon) PST: Individual Sale ($380) starts

AFTER you have registered for an individual Burning Man Profile, you next need to PRE-REGISTER to purchase one or two ticket(s).  The cost per ticket is $380, the same as last year.

Here is where you go to PRE-REGISTER, between Thursday Feb 20 and Sunday Feb 23:  — PUT THIS ON YOUR CALENDAR NOW!

Thirdly, after you have your personal Profile account setup, and have Pre-Registered, on Wednesday, February 26 at 12pm (noon) PST, you can then visit to purchase your ticket(s).

If you are able to, please purchase 2 tickets.  There is a sell-back program if we don’t end up needing all the tickets, but most likely not everyone will be able to purchase tickets.  Please be as prompt / on-time as you can be to buy the tickets, there are not a ton available, and last year they sold out pretty quickly (not everyone who tried was able to buy tickets).  In addition, we need at least 4 people to purchase a Vehicle Pass as well.  The additional cost for this will be $40 per pass.  These can also be re-sold, so if everyone who is able to purchase a ticket can also try for a vehicle pass as well that would be great.

Put it on your calendar, Burning Man is only 6 months and 6 days away!  Your participation in this step is very important to the success of our camp this year!  In no way can we guarantee a ticket for anyone who did not actually purchase it themselves, so this is the best way to ensure you have a ticket to Burning Man this year.



Our next call is scheduled for March 2 at 6PM PST.  We’ll be discussing candidates for our lecturer this year, how many tickets we all managed to purchase, and group together for specific teams / tasks that need to be accomplished.  Please add this to your calendar as well since you won’t want to miss it!