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Surprise! Church at Burning Man

By Anna Lisa Kronman – Full story here

Burning Man 2013 hands sculpture

What would inspire folks to shelve their iPhones and computers for a week, wait (with extraordinary patience!) for long hours in line to camp out in a severe desert environment, pack in all food and water, and pack out all trash, enduring dirty fingernails and dusty feet?  An annual event called Burning Man with these elements, and more, brought over 60,000 such folks together this year in a remote Nevada desert.  The rules for the community are basic (and can be see in their entirety here:  In my reading of them, they are essentially a pragmatic statement of the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you.)  A unique element of Burning Man is its gift-based, rather than consumer-based economy.  The only things for sale are ice and coffee, and the proceeds go to a charitable organization.  Everyone that comes is expected to give something.  Also part of this culture: extraordinary creativity, art, loud music, a markedly friendly and open/permissive atmosphere, and whimsical clothing (or sometimes none.)

A group of people who love Christian Science felt there was a good reason to be a presence in this city.  We came to wash feet.

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For Burning Man. All are in the Kingdom.

Chaos.  The law of harmony which governs the Kingdom replaces chaos with Mind’s order.
Unity/one Mind.  One Mind alone governs the Kingdom.  There is no other influence.
Dedication vs career conflict.  Unselfed Love is God-guided and supports rather than conflicts with career.
Health.  is found in the wholeness and completeness of the Kingdom.
Cherishing all burners.  It’s inherent in Kingdom dwellers to cherish and respect and honor each other.
Shine/Communicate.  Unselfed love communicates, and there is no other love, no other communication, because unselfed love shines straight from God.
God’s healing power.  Is revealed through unselfed love.
Negative opinions.  Don’t exist, are neither cause nor effect, in the allness of infinite Mind.
Lethargy.  Omni-action has no opposite.  Man expresses Love’s inspiration and Life’s vitality.
Weather.  Mind’s weather includes nothing destructive or obscurative. 
Place.  Love expressed is always in its right place.
Loving your dedication and consecration,

“Dear friends” – Fujiko’s write-up of her experience lecturing at Burning Man 2013

Fujiko Signs, C.S.BDear friends,

What a privilege to be invited to speak at Burning Man!!

If someone asks me what it is like to lecture in Black Rock City, I would first identify this City as one of the most inclusive places. Burning Man attracts many seekers, thinkers, and movers.  And these seekers and movers are from all over the world.

From meeting people just around our camp, I realized I would be speaking to an international audience. I met people from Israel, Ireland, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, China, and Russia. I am pretty sure every State was represented from the U.S.A.

I gave two presentations that introduced 1) Science and Health 2) Mrs. Eddy, 3) Qualities of real man and spirituality, 4) Christ Jesus as the teacher and healer, and 5) the examples of healing through prayer (Christ/shift in consciousness) that I have witnessed.

More nationalities were represented at the talk (lecture) I presented in the Center Stage for the Speaker’s series and more people were listening in, surrounding the stage.

The eagerness to learn what I had to say about healing and spirituality was felt and there was no room for shortcuts or covering up with “words.”
Many who attended my lectures were thinkers and regular viewers of TED talks as well, so the level of expectation to present something completely new or radical was also high.

At the end of two talks, I felt every lecturer should speak here and feel the energy and intelligence, childlike receptivity and generosity of true seekers and thinkers.

Thank you for your contribution to add strength to our Movement!

With much love and blessing to you!!
Fujiko Signs, C.S.B.

September 20, 2013

Matter Out Of Place (MOOP) Free in 2013

CS@BM Moop Free 2013

Burning Man is the largest Leave No Trace event in the world.  Right now volunteers are doing the final sweeps to restore the desert back to a relatively pristine state so that Burning Man will be permitted to return again next year.  They have a cool map showing where they’ve found Material Out Of Place (MOOP).  Green means they were able to sweep through quickly, no MOOP.  We made sure to clean our camp space thoroughly before we left, happy to see it confirmed on their MOOP Map. 🙂


Listen to Fujiko’s Daily Lift about her experience as part of our camp at Burning Man this year

Fujiko Signs, C.S.B

Fujiko’s Daily Lift discusses our experiences washing feet in the dusty desert in Black Rock City at Burning Man 2013.  Some wonderful ideas in her talk, and some excellent comments from people who have listened to this lift.

Awesome Burning Man 2013 time-lapse video

This is a sweet time-lapse video of the building of Burning Man in 2013 up through the burning of the Man itself.  Amazing to think about how we were some of those little dots of light scurrying around at night sometimes. 🙂

This video captures Burning Man 2013 from an elevation of 5495 feet above sea level and over 4 linear miles from the center of Black Rock City. Old Razorback, aka Trego Peak, provides a unique vista of this incredible annual event. Climbing to the peak of Old Razorback has become a challenging and rewarding tradition for our team. This is a view that most will never experience in person. It is our passion to share it with the world through the lens of a camera. Climbing 1,888 feet in less than a mile over steep, unstable mountainside is a dangerous and exhilarating mission. This year we deployed cameras during the build week, capturing the growth of the city and ending it the night of the burn. We express gratitude to the family and friends that joined us for this epic climb. We could not do it alone. Many thanks to our team this year: Mark Phipps, John Phipps, Dallon Phipps, Kevin Johnson & Meghan Johnson. We also offer heartfelt thanks to OpenOptics (Inspired Flight) and Dusty Nix for designing such an incredible sound score for this year’s rendition (,



2013 Burning Man recap call TUESDAY 9/10 at 7:00pm PDT

2013 Christian Science at Burning Man group
We’re planning a call at 7pm (Pacific time) next TUESDAY, Sept 10 to share our Burning Man 2013 experience with all of our supporters.  The trip was an absolute success — we washed over 200 people’s feet, had as many if not more significant conversations, received enormously positive feedback, and plan to return again next year.
If you know anyone who would like to hear the story, please share / forward this email and they’re welcome to also join the call.  We’re hoping to do a full in-person show-and-tell sharing later but still need to organize and arrange it.
UPDATE: Here is a recording of the call (duration: 1:38) (enjoy and share!)
Download link
(70MB, .mp3)
Here’s the call info:
TUESDAY 9/10 7pm

(619) 326 2772
Access code: 1246521

Talk with you then!!!
Thanks so much for your support.  )'(
Gabriel & the Christian Science at Burning Man team