“Dear friends” – Fujiko’s write-up of her experience lecturing at Burning Man 2013

Fujiko Signs, C.S.BDear friends,

What a privilege to be invited to speak at Burning Man!!

If someone asks me what it is like to lecture in Black Rock City, I would first identify this City as one of the most inclusive places. Burning Man attracts many seekers, thinkers, and movers.  And these seekers and movers are from all over the world.

From meeting people just around our camp, I realized I would be speaking to an international audience. I met people from Israel, Ireland, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, China, and Russia. I am pretty sure every State was represented from the U.S.A.

I gave two presentations that introduced 1) Science and Health 2) Mrs. Eddy, 3) Qualities of real man and spirituality, 4) Christ Jesus as the teacher and healer, and 5) the examples of healing through prayer (Christ/shift in consciousness) that I have witnessed.

More nationalities were represented at the talk (lecture) I presented in the Center Stage for the Speaker’s series and more people were listening in, surrounding the stage.

The eagerness to learn what I had to say about healing and spirituality was felt and there was no room for shortcuts or covering up with “words.”
Many who attended my lectures were thinkers and regular viewers of TED talks as well, so the level of expectation to present something completely new or radical was also high.

At the end of two talks, I felt every lecturer should speak here and feel the energy and intelligence, childlike receptivity and generosity of true seekers and thinkers.

Thank you for your contribution to add strength to our Movement!

With much love and blessing to you!!
Fujiko Signs, C.S.B.

September 20, 2013

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