Burning Man Venice Beach Drum Circle this Sunday!!!


Hello Brothers and Sisters of Love!

The Christian Science @ Burning Man Team (www.spiritualplaya.org) will be hosting our first Drum Circle Prayer Service this Sunday beginning with a reading of the Sermon on the Mount from 2:30-3:00 PM. At 3:00 we will explain about our ministry at Burning Man, pray, dance, sing and have a great time together! You are welcome to park in the parking lot of the Church of Christ, Scientist on 132 Brooks Avenue there in Venice. Just walk down Brooks, walk straight towards the ocean past the public restrooms, and you will run smack dab into So Cal’s biggest and most awesome drum circle!!!

Call or text me at 818-823-0468 if you can’t find us. We will be joining in the festivities, dancing, making music, playing, talking about this year’s Burning Man outreach, and praying with the Christian Science Bible Lesson on Mind.

If you are interested in attending this year’s Burning Man Art Festival, please sign up for an account today so you can purchase tickets tomorrow: http://profiles.burningman.com/

They go on sale at noon SHARP tomorrow and you need a log-in to purchase them. I’ll send another reminder to you all before noon tomorrow.

Lots of Love!!!

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