Next Burning Man Call: Sunday 2/16 at 6PM Pacific Timezone (9PM Eastern, 8PM Central)

Burning Man 2013 hands sculpture

Hi folks,

Let’s all try to be on this call (we’ve had 2 calls so far for the 2014 Camp and about 1/2 of us have been on each call, some haven’t been able to make either yet.)  We have some new people who are coming this year, and people who went last year who are for sure wanting to do it again.

If you’re on the fence about joining us this year, feel free to dial in and be part of the call.  We’re targeting ~1 hour for the call.  Remember, your participation is key to us having a successful camp this year!

Conference Call number:
(619) 326-2772
Access code: 1246521

Here is the suggested topic, assignment and agenda for this call:
Topic: Mission Statement & Official Camp Name

Pre-Call Assignments — Please do each of these!

  1. Read the story of foot washing in the Bible and think about its significance for our group:
  2. Read / re-read the 10 Principles of Burning Man –
  3. Email Gabriel ( your draft idea(s) for a Mission Statement, or add directly to this document:
  4. Make sure you are registered at with a user account so you’ll be prepared to purchase tickets.

Proposed Agenda:

  • 10 minutes – Inspiration sharing time, open
  • 5 minutes – Introductions for people who are new / haven’t been on last 2 calls
  • 5 minutes – Optional, time for any quick questions people may have
  • 40 minutes – Discuss / work towards a shared Mission Statement the group can agree on.  This will be a guiding statement we can all turn to as we begin work in earnest over the next few months on the Camp.
  • 5 minutes – Next steps – in our next call we’ll start organizing into specific teams / groups for logistical / task purposes.  Set time for next call.

Feel free to forward / share this with anyone you think may be interested in joining us at Burning Man in 2014.


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