Thank You! (2013)

We would like to thank the following for their wonderful support of our efforts: 2013 Christian Science at Burning Man Supporters & Participants

  • Camp Participants:  Julian Schwartz, Gabriel Serafini, Grant Larsen, Michael Morgan, Fujiko Signs CSB, Mark Signs, Anna Lisa Kronman CS, Andrea Dumitrescu, Brian Bort, Ansley Welles
  • Planning and Support Team – Susanna Meyer, Piper Foster, Amanda Kawamura, Cheryl DeSanctis
  • Prayer Watch Team – Nate Frederick, Sandi Justad, Nancy Harrison, Kim Korinek, Piper Foster, Cathryn Rathsam, Ginny, Teryl, Nina, Genevieve Sublette
  • Reno Staging Support and beds: Jenny and David Van Patten, Donica Mensing, Joy and John HendersonFirst Church of Christ, Scientist, Reno

2013 Christian Science at Burning Man Financial Supporters

 2013 Special Thanks

  • UC Berkeley Christian Science Organization for storage of Burning Man supplies and generously letting us use the building to do construction, preparation and logistics
  • Spoke Cyclery in Oakland for providing affordable Burner bikes
  • Gil Bird for help with getting a Japanese iTunes account
  • Kevin for designing our playa cards to hand out.