Participants (2013)

2013 Burning Man project participants

Gabriel SerafiniGabriel Serafini @gserafini
Gabriel is a web designer, artist and business coach.  He has directly helped many Christian Science churches get websites up and running, and tries to make sure that each site is self-sustaining and maintainable.  Gabriel is excited to experience Burning Man for the first time in 2013 and is looking forward to helping with coordinating the website and art projects.

Michael MorganMichael Morgan @itsaboutgood
Michael follows The Way of Jesus and P.L.U.R. He supports Ark Car development, Love vibes, and sweet healing for the world. He witnesses the Holy Spirit in constant action as a Christian Science practitioner and Christian musician.
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Grant LarsonGrant Larsen
Grant is a physics teacher and researcher at Cal, and studies metaphysics everywhere, including a couple of Reading Rooms.  Last year, the enthusiasm, spirituality, strength, and vision of the Christian Scientists headed to Burning Man overcame Grant’s skepticism and led him to be a supporter.  And of course it was a huge success.  Well, the time has come to step up: he’s coming to the CS camp at Burning Man this year to witness seekers of Truth finding it in the Nevada desert. Wooo!

Fujiko Signs, CSBFujiko Signs, CSB
Born and raised in Japan, but lived in Bombay India from the age 2 to 6. When I fell ill in my teens, I knew the problem was not physical but more mental. My mother suggested me to study “chi” (Ki in Japanese). It was not until I got married and had my second child, I thought of revisiting the non-Western healing method when I became very ill. Through an acquaintance, I met a Christian Scientist who openly spoke about church and healing. That was a very strange combination but one thing after another led me to explore this Science of Mind healing. This Science, originally meaning “knowledge to understand our universe” was free of creed or rituals. Christian is not defined by a ceremony or faith called Christianity but defined as “the highest style of man” by Mary Baker Eddy, the author of Christian Science textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures.

Now as a student, practitioner, and teacher of Christian Science, I have been studying the relationships between prayer and healing, consciousness and reality, spirituality and wellbeing. My job is to find out how we can free ourselves from various limitations by understanding our true nature as a spiritual idea or a child of God that is Love.

Mark SignsMark Signs
Mark is Fujiko’s husband and also Director of the Shared Fermentation Facility at Huck Institutes (Biotech Institutes) at Penn State University.  He is originally from a small town called Hayden, west of Steamboat Springs in Colorado but fled to Hawaii to study oceanography and marine biology.

Ansley WellerAnsley Welles
Ansley currently resides in Los Angeles and is thrilled to attend Burning Man with this group. Her primary cause is to help and empower her fellow man to find God now using practical daily metaphysics. Ansley is also a filmmaker and actor.  She is  currently in two plays at the Tre Stage and Next Stage theaters. She has also been working for a blockbuster action movie director on Ninja Turtles and Wrath of the Titans. She is a UC Berkeley graduate.

Julian just happened to be around when someone was needed to organize a lecture at Burning Man. Having sent books to the CS Reading Room at Black Rock City in the first year he witnessed the unfoldment of 2 hosted lectures at Red Lightning Camp in the second year and now a full theme camp in the third. He loves Science and would like to launch a CS Incubator to foster innovation and explore new ideas that when proven useful can be offered for adoption by everyone.

Anna Lisa Kronman, CSAnna Lisa
Anna Lisa Kronman delights in good wherever it appears, in art, the universe, and man, and loves tracing it to its divine, infinitely good source.  She knows how to wash dishes, feet, and thinking, having been a mom, Christian Science nurse, and now a Christian healer, as a practitioner of Christian Science.  She is delighted to be joining in this team’s purpose to “behold the perfect man”, practice grace, and live the Golden Rule (her take on the 10 Burning Man Principles, and daily life.)

Andreea works as a strategy analyst for Chevron Energy Solutions and she is excited about exploring, innovating and finding meaningful ways to develop and share new ideas in both her work and Christian Science practice. This is her first time venturing out to burning man, and she is eager to share the spiritual ideas of Life, Truth, and Love that she has found so helpful throughout her journey to all spiritual seekers of Truth. She is looking forward to taking the new ideas that have flourished at BM and adopting them in her own CS practice.

2013 Support Team